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How much is the life in Spain?

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Spain is one of the cheapest European countries. Residents of the capital of Russia will be pleasantly surprised by the difference in wages and cost of basic goods. Those wishing to immigrate into the territory of eternal summer is more familiar with the standard of living of the local population and see how really expensive rates.

Before answering the question, is it expensive to live in Spain, it is important to understand that the value of the property, goods and services differs significantly across regions. The most expensive Barcelona and Madrid, followed by Basque Country and Navarra, and other regions the price level is about the same.

The cost of living in Spain

Where to start? Decide on housing! The price of a rental property depends on the region, squaring and locations. Three-room apartment in the centre of Madrid will cost 1,000 euros per month in Valencia and Castellón they will cost 300-350 euros. Separately paid electricity and water. The average family of two adults and a child on the counter to pay up to 150 euros per month.

Food. Food basket depends on the individual needs of the person. To cook at home much cheaper than eating in cafes and restaurants. However, consider both cases. Across the country is the chain of supermarkets Supercor, Mercadonа etc. with maximum range of products at reasonable prices:

  • bread – 0,7 Euro;
  • potatoes – 1 Euro per kg;
  • tomatoes – 1.5 Euro per kg;
  • cheese – 8 € / kg;
  • ham – from 13 euros per kg;
  • a bottle of good wine is 5 Euro.

For fruits and vegetables, fresh seafood and meat the locals go to the markets, the choice is maximum, and the price is affordable. Household chemicals and groceries purchased at a supermarket in the neighborhood.

Lovers to dine in the cafes and restaurants will have to pay 15 to 30 euros per person. A specific value is determined by the selected menu category and its location.

Knowing the place of the chain coffee shop can be a good save. The price of dinner here rarely exceed 15 euros. Popular institution, working on the principle of a buffet. With customer demand a flat fee (20 euros) and do not limit the number of sets and the size of the portions.

Transport. Despite the fact that 90% of adult citizens have private cars, public transport is very popular. A single trip on the bus costs 1.4 euros. Buying a ticket for 50 trips from 54 euros will allow you to save money. The card additionally apply to services, metro, trams and some trains.

Left open the question of the cost of gasoline and car insurance. The price of fuel starts from 1.2 euros per liter to insure a personal vehicle to get for 300-350 euros per year excluding tax of 140 euros.

Clothing. People in former Soviet countries will be pleasantly surprised by the cheapness of popular brands massmarket. Clothing brands Mango, Bimba&Lola, Bershka, etc. here is at least twice cheaper than Russian home. They are created in Spain and not subject to customs duties.

Medical care. In Spain health care is provided on paid and free basis. However, not all services can be provided at the expense of the state, and the length of the queue to specialists can reach up to six months. Paid insurance is 15-60 euros per month.

How much it costs to live in Spain? Town in a couple of hours drive from the capital will appreciate the affordable housing prices, fresh vegetables and seafood all year round. Here you'll spend less on fur coats and boots – in this climate they just do not need. The living wage is 645 euros per month. It is an indicative figure for calculation of their monthly expenses on arrival. The people of Russia with an average income so Spain will repent of Paradise.

If you plan to stay in the centre of Madrid or on the shore of one of the expensive resorts, costs can be easily multiplied by 5.


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