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Once you have purchased a property in Spain for seasonal family vacation or renting, the question arises how to organize the maintenance and preservation of housing? Our Agency Alicante-house will take over the management of the property in your absence. It is enough to enter into a contract.

        That includes service property management:

  • The responsible object: key storage; administrative matters; timely payment of utility bills and taxes;
  • Execution of cooperation agreements with service organizations and service staff (maid, gardener, etc.) including maintenance of cleanliness, repair and maintenance;
  • Regular inspection of equipment and performance of plumbing, water and heating;
  • The office of housing subject to lease;
  • Preparation of regular reporting on the property.

Professional management of housing will allow to avoid confusion in utility bills, errors in tax preparation and preservation of the property.

If you are planning to rent property to rent, you simply regularly transfer funds for payment of utility bills and taxes, it's not that hard and often the homeowners themselves can handle it. However, if you intend to take overseas property, you should think about finding a management company.

Services for the delivery of real estate rentals

  • Publish ads and search tenants;
  • The conclusion of contracts of rent;
  • Management of rental payments;
  • Payment of utility bills and taxes;
  • Insurance of the object;
  • Dispute resolution and redress;
  • Preparation of housing before arrival of the tenants;
  • Cleaning after check-out of tenants;
  • Care of adjoining territory (if applicable) pool and garden;
  • Preparation of regular reports for the owner;

We guarantee high quality service and individual approach to each client!

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