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One of the most profitable areas of investment – the purchase of real estate. The world is changing rapidly, yesterday's innovative technologies are now considered a relic of the past, will take 10-20 years, and all spheres of human life will be robotized. But people always need somewhere to live – be it a crisis or rapidly changing market conditions.

Real estate investment is one of the proven win-win method to secure a comfortable old age and to provide additional income for the children.

The advantages of this option of investment:

  1. Stable monetary income that will protect savings from domestic risks (for example, from the fall of the ruble), and multiply capital.
  2. The high liquidity. In good areas the property sold out fast.
  3. A systematic increase in prices. Locations with low risks and yield faster and more expensive high-yield risky projects.

Enterprising Europeans make a choice in favor of this budget, because in modern conditions, deposits provide zero or even negative returns, slightly more than bonds.

Real estate investments bring its owner a 3-4% rental yield, if we add to it the projected growth of capitalization of 2-3%, you get all 5-6% in foreign currency.

Far-sighted investors are trying to increase the profitability of residential property through effective management, making the choice in favor of short term or medium term rental from 3 months to half a year.

To purchase a quality apartment with a predictable high yield, in Spain is possible in the presence of 50 thousand euros. Amount issued favorable credit.

In Spain one of the most attractive for the rental business is considered to be the area of the coastal area of the Costa Blanca.

In the spectrum of services of our Agency selection of properties based on the specified client settings, after-sales support, travel delivery of housing for rent in short and long term.

The conclusion of the agreement with Alicante-house for the management of your property allows us to guarantee its high yield. If the amount of income was below specified in the contract, we will reimburse you the difference.


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