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The jewel of the Costa Blanca - so call your local city residents. The population does not exceed 330 thousand people, the atmosphere is warm, friendly. Here is what to do regardless of the time of year.

In the last few years, Alicante has become especially popular among tourists. In the list of preferences of tourists in the hot sun, pristine beaches, clear sea water, unique architecture and world famous festivals. On the territory of the picturesque town has several universities, on the streets you can meet a company of young people.

Alicante is dominated by flat terrain, hills and hills small. The region is bordered by the Mediterranean sea. The coastline is represented by the beaches of La Almadraba, El Postiguet, Agua Amarga, El Saladar, San Juan, La Albufereta. Between the last two is a picturesque Cabo de Las Huertas with many coves. The town is situated along two rivers – Monnegre and Rambla de Las Ovejas.

The spiritual symbol of Alicante is recognized as the Fortress of St. Barbara, located on the most high and steep rock Benacantil. A few centuries ago the hill had strategic importance in creating defensive structures. Today is a popular historic landmark with large viewing platforms.

The main religious sanctuary of the city recognized as the monastery of the Holy Veronica and the Face. The walls of the building holds more than 100 relics representing a world value. Annually in may to visit the majestic temple committed tens of thousands of pilgrims.

Special attention is given to the Church. Nicholas, made in the unique style arabesco.

Alicante will provide residents and tourists a rich cultural program. The Gravina Museum of fine arts holds the largest collection of paintings and sculptures by local artists. Provincial archaeological Museum in 2004 was awarded the title of "Best Museum of Europe". Individual attention, the fire Museum and the Museum of the wells.

A bright strip between the sea and the town is the Esplanade of Alicante.

Outdoor enthusiasts not only during the day but at night will find a lot of ways boring pastime. In the cosy bars on the seafront daily themed party. The repertoire includes jazz and Blues.

Summer holidays and festivals are held almost every day. Especially spectacular festival of San Juan, a night in the centre and around the city palyatsya thousands of fires.

Fans of beach holidays will be discouraged by the range of offerings. For relaxation under the hot sun in the family circle will fit Postiguet. Lovers of water sports are a direct route to the nearby beaches, equipped with modern requirements.

A must to visit with children is the amusement Park "Disneyland". Many attractions for all ages, stalls with toys, play centres and the cafeteria will allow you to spend an unforgettable time. The city has many walking parks with dense vegetation, artificial ponds and comfortable benches.

National cuisine of Alicante is rich in exotic ingredients, original combinations of spices irritate the taste buds long before falling into the mouth. Especially popular in Mediterranean cuisine.

Culinary culture of the city is impressive and diverse. In the list of main dishes pork, chicken, seafood, vegetables, garlic. The chef at any restaurant – Spanish paella, each Maestro adds its own flavor – saffron, smoke, etc. the Most ordered dish at the eating – grilled shrimp.

The major shopping malls of Alicante Plaza del Mar, El Corte Ingls, Gran Via, Puerta del Mar. Systematic promotions and sales will help to buy branded items at competitive prices, and after an exhausting shopping dining and entertainment are available here. For Souvenirs and Antiques should go to the old part of the city.

Municipal transport is represented by comfortable buses. At each stop there is a schedule and map of routes. A direct competitor to the bus stands TRAM – ground subway connecting the city with the provinces.

Authorities Alicante create ideal conditions for conducting small and medium business. Priority investment areas – the beach, the export of olive oil, wine and citrus. Coastal construction and the food sector also profitable segments of the economy. Good location cafe or restaurant delivers a consistently high revenue throughout the year.

In Alicante a high standard of living, favourable climate, superior environment and natural products. The lack of daily stress suffered by residents of cities, and the tolerant attitude of the Spaniards with other nationalities and religions makes the city ideal for regular life.

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