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As in any city, Alicante has prestigious areas of real estate prices there are quite high: the Center (Centro), Huertas Cabo (Cabo Huertas), the beach of San Juan (playa de San Juan), Alicante Golf (Campo de Golf), Vistahermosa (Vistahermosa). The big advantage is the convenient location and relatively small distance from the town centre and the beach. District Cabo Huertas is situated between the beaches of Alicante and San Juan. This is a prestigious district with well developed infrastructure, core housing and residential complexes, apartment urbanisation or private households. A huge number of recreational areas, parks and entertainment within walking distance to the city centre can be easily reached by public transport. The inhabitants of this area – people with incomes above the average, a lively place throughout the year.

The beach of San Juan is the main attraction in the area of sandy beach long about 7 km. In the summer a huge number of tourists in shorts and bikinis, in the winter quiet, peaceful area. Good transport accessibility and developed infrastructure. Good areas are: Florida (La Florida), Benalua (Benalua), San Blas (San Blas), Babel (Babel), Alparc (Alipark), San Gabriel (San Gabriel). They are differently located relative to the center of the city, but each of them has everything for living: shops, supermarkets, markets, health and educational institutions. Residents of these areas mostly Spanish. On the other side from the centre situated: Campoamor (Campoamor), the Carolinas Altas (Carolinas altas) and Baixas region of the Carolinas (Carolinas bajas), PLA del Bon Repos (Pla del bon Repos) is an old area of Barcelona, the housing stock mostly 30-50 years of age and older, not higher than 5 floors with a typical Spanish layout.

San Vicente Affairs Raspeig (Sant Vicent del Raspeig) is a district of the University of Alicante. Far enough from the city center, but public transport to the centre can be reached quickly and comfortably. Youth and calm area with modern architecture and lots of cafes, restaurants and shopping centers.

Areas where it is not necessary to buy property, and if to buy, then take a closer look at future neighbors: Juan XXIII (23 Juan), Virgen Affairs of Remedio (Virgen del Remedio), Colonia Requena (Colonia Requena).

If you are planning to buy a property in Alicante, our experts will share with you years of experience, tell the nuances of those or other areas, consult in the field of urban development and redevelopment plan in certain neighborhoods.


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