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How long is the flight from Moscow to Alicante?

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Imagine yourself on the beach Playa de San Juan, would you like to visit the castle of Santa Barbara, St. Mary's Church, imagine how fascinated you wander the halls of the Archaeological Museum? It's time to buy tickets to Alicante!

Planning a trip to Sunny Spain, most tourists wonder: how long is the flight from Moscow to Alicante? The priority of a direct flight. In the capital of Russia there are 3 major airports: Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo and Vnukovo. All aircraft land at the only airport of Alicante with the same name.

The distance between cities and flight time

To get from point A to point B will cover a distance of 3,400 kilometers. The flight time is on average 5 hours and 15 minutes. Specific time spent in the air, depends on several factors:

- speed of flight – a powerful modern aircraft pilots are professionals at the helm will deliver passengers faster;

accounting direct the connecting flights take significantly more time agonizing wait for connecting flights increase travel time for 15-17 hours.

The choice of the carrier

The desired destination is served by Boeing 767-300,737-800 and Airbus A 320. The most popular airline "Aeroflot", "S7", "Vueling Airlines", "KLM". You can contact with the representative of the carrier on the official website and find out how much it will cost the flights and how long time it will take.

The price of tickets from Moscow to Alicante

The cost can vary greatly depending on time of booking. The earlier you order, the more favourable price will offer the airline. Every day plays the role that tour operators are advised to view and neighboring the departure date. It is possible that the tickets for the day later or earlier can be bought at lower prices. The holiday season in Alicante starts in April and lasts until October. The average ticket price in Moscow during this period will be 18-20 thousand rubles. In October-December you can fly for 15-16 thousand.

A flight with a connection

To save money on tickets seasoned travelers choose flights with transfers. For example, buying a ticket from Iberia or KLM, distance air flights will increase to dock in London or Amsterdam. Will cost such a trip is half the price. But the duration is not less than 10 hours! 5 hours of which will have to spend in the airport waiting for your flight. The choice is yours.


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