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In these difficult times due to the spread and fight the virus COVID-19, we worry about our health, the health of our loved ones, the workplace and the future. It so happened that in connection with the imposed restrictions, many property owners in Spain do not have the opportunity to come and take care overseas property.
Therefore, our Agency Alicante-house reduces the price of services for property owners in Spain "Minding the house/apartment in your absence".
We are not a security Agency.
Our staf is the following: In your absence, our representative shall visit your apartment/house checks and make Express report on the current status, at the same time clear postalbox from promotional leaflets, important communications will keep for you.
It is also possible watering flowers, garden maintenance and other service.
In case of emergency situation, we will notify You, and offer a rational decision and follow up with repair services. Each visit may be accompanied by a photo or video report.
The cost of services depends on the location, the square footage of your apartment and the frequency of visits, an average of 20 euros per visit. The frequency of the visits and necessary services determined by You.

Details by phone: +34 675863061 (WhatsApp)



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