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Commercial premises - the most profitable option of investment in Spanish property

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Investment in Spanish property continues to provide a high level of profitability, exceeding three times the performance of government bonds for 10 years. According to the website Idealista, the profitability of the housing in the second quarter of this year rose to 7.3%, almost two percentage points higher than a year earlier.

According to a study portal, commercial real estate remains the best investment option: buying like objects for subsequent delivery provides a margin of 8.2%, while a year ago this figure was 7.6%. In the case of office space, the figure is around 7.5%. Garages turned out to be the least attractive investment option – their yield does not exceed 4.6 percent.

Most income for their owners bring commercial premises of córdoba and Zaragoza is about 9.1%. Followed by Huelva (9%), Alicante (8%) and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (8.8 per cent). In Barcelona, this indicator stands at around 8.3% and in Madrid to 7.7%. The least profitable area of this segment was in Palencia (5,1%), Castellon (5.6%) and Jaen (5,9%).

As for offices, in this segment the highest results of yield showed the premises of the Malaga of 7.2%. It is followed by Zaragoza (7,1%), Cordoba (6.9%) and Palma de Mallorca (6.8 percent). In Madrid the level of return is 6.3%, and in Barcelona – 6%. At the opposite end of the rating was less lucrative options of a coruña (4,7%), Valencia (4.9 per cent) and Santander (5.2 percent). However, the office market is not as homogeneous. like everyone else, so to statistics, more than half of the provincial capitals.

Finally, as mentioned above, garages are the least cost-effective option of investing in real estate. In this category lead facilities located in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (8.4 per cent), Murcia (5,9%), Girona (5.4%) and Santa Cruz de Tenerife (5%). The rating is Salamanca (2,3%), Barcelona (2,6%) and La coruña (2.7 per cent). At the end of the list were also in Madrid (3%), Vitoria and Granada (3.1% in both cases).



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