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In Spain the purchase and sale of real estate carried out with participation of the intermediary – real estate agencies. To buy a home in the country without the involvement of third parties is almost impossible. The local population is accustomed to delegate this responsibility to professionals who receive a specified percentage paid by the seller.

Our Agency offers assistance in the process of buying real estate. Cooperation is carried out according to the following schedule:

  1. The voice of the customer the basic criteria for the selection of the property (price range, type of property, geographical location, number of bedrooms, availability of lift, etc.). Detailed and clear application will help our specialists to choose the objects most relevant to the wishes of the client;
  2. A visit that meets the stated requirements. Viewing schedule will be prepared and implemented in accordance with the wishes of the customer and at a convenient time;
  3. The contract between the client and the Agency about the provision of mediation services;
  4. Object booking with a Deposit, usually the amount is not more than 500 euros. This is to ensure that the object is removed from sale for a period of up to one month;
  5. Prepares and pledge agreement, the client pays 10% of the purchase price to the settlement account of the seller, it is necessary to obtain the identification number N. I. E. (a required document for the registration of the transaction for non-residents of the country) and open a Bank account in the name of the client;
  6. Agreed with the notary the day of the signing of a formal contract of sale (Escritura), followed by preparation of documents required for the transaction;
  7. On the appointed day the notary signed the main contract of sale. After signing the contract the customer is given a certified copy of the title deed (Copia simple) and the keys from that moment the buyer becomes the full owner of the property;
  8. After 2-3 months issued the original bill of sale. During this period, the notary registers the buyer in the property registry (Registro de Propiedad) as the new owner.

A Commission for Agency services is paid by the seller. The cost of the buyer: market value of the property, payment of taxes and other costs accompanying the process of sale. The acquisition of property in Spain provides for payment of tax at the rate of 10% -11%, depending on the status of the property. Also arise the notary fees for the mortgage loan (if necessary), spending on paperwork (Gestoria), the cost of registration in the property register (Registro de Propiedad) which can be advanced from 2% to 5% of the value of the object.

Buying property abroad has a number of features. By contacting the specialists of our Agency, clients can be assured of absolute transparency and legal correctness of the transaction. It offers a reliable partner who will speak the same language with the seller, and represent Your legal interests. The validity of the documents – the key to a fast transaction.

Our services are not limited to the handover of the keys. We will help to renew the agreements on energy and water. If necessary, arrange repairs, select staff for cleaning and maintenance of premises, etc.

At Your request we will undertake a full property management.

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